Practical Writing Tasks for English Language Learners

My adult English Language Learners (ELLs) often ask me how they can practice writing in English. I teach adults, so you may have to alter some of these suggestions.
  • Make a grocery list in English
  • Make a 'To Do' list in English
  • Make a shopping list in English
  • Text friends using English, Abbreviations such as LOL are acceptable
  • Switch your social media to English
  • Write on Facebook in English
  • Write emails in English
  • Write a letter to a friend in English (snail mail)
  • Write a gift card/note to a friend in English
  • Translate a favorite poem or story to English
  • Write the editor of a newspaper in English
  • Write a personal diary in English
  • Write a journal in English
  • Write to your teacher or child's teacher in English
  • List items to take on a trip in English
  • Write a menu for supper in English
  • Translate a favorite recipe to English
  • Post notes for your family in English
  • Write your spouse or child a note with their lunch

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