ESL Literacy Notebook
ESL Literacy Notebook
ESL Literacy Notebook
Literacy Notebook
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Literacy Notebook

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The Literacy Notebook is perfect for teaching students of all ages how to read! It contains 17 anchor charts from Alphabet to Syllable Patterns in an easy to carry binder. All charts have photos of diverse people and everyday objects to help build essential vocabulary. Give download charts to students for their own reference. Charts included are:

  • ABCs with Short Vowels & ABCs with Long Vowels (2 Charts)
  • Beginning Blends & Consonant Digraphs (2 Charts)
  • Short A, E, I, O, U (5 Charts)
  • Short, Long, R & Digraph Vowels (4 Charts)
  • 8 Syllables, Dividing Syllables & Syllable Patterns (3 Charts)

Sizes: 8.5x11", 11x14" (22x28cm & 28x36cm) & Downloads.

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