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Our mission is to provide effective materials to promote English language acquisition and retention. Our goal is to improve both accuracy and fluency of English language learners.

Many charts address the needs of Students with Limited or Interrupted Formal Education (SLIFE).


Our story begins with a passionate ESL teacher, who designed charts for their ESL students. Soon, other TESOL, Bilingual, Literacy, and special education teachers wanted to use these charts, too.


R E S P E C T - ESL Supplies LLC recognizes and respects the life experience, intelligence and cumulative knowledge of all ages of English Learners. 

G I V I N G - ESL Supplies LLC donates materials to local education providers in the Lansing, Michigan area

Anchor Chart Downloads

Give black & white anchor chart downloads to students as a convenient reference. They are reproducible. Great for distance instruction.

Diverse People

ESL Supplies believes that all students should see a reflection of themselves in educational materials. Our products are inclusive of diverse races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and sensibilities.

Essential Vocabulary

ESL Supplies uses high frequency words and essential beginning ESL vocabulary. 

Everyday Objects

Photographs of everyday objects are used to illustrate vocabulary concepts.

Warm, Muted Colors

Our warm colors create a welcoming feeling and encourage longer engagement time. Primary colors attract attention, but push students away.

Three Sizes of Charts

We provide charts for tutors, (8.5x11"), small group teachers (11x14"), and classroom instructors (17x22").

Age Appropriate

Photographs make these ESL Posters appropriate for all ages. Our English Language Charts can be used with First Graders or Adult Students. 

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We are proud to provide materials for K12 and Adult educational organizations in the U.S. and around the world.