ESOL, Newcomers, SLIFE

ESOL, Newcomers, SLIFE

ESOL, Newcomers, SLIFE ESOL, Newcomers, SLIFE

Welcome to ESL Supplies FAQ page!

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Frequently Asked Questions about ESL Supplies

Can I use a purchase order?

Purchase Orders for ESL Supplies

 Yes, ESL Supplies accepts purchase orders from schools, universities, and literacy programs. You can fill out the order online and check purchase order at checkout.  Please send your signed P.O. by email or mail. After we have received the signed P.O. from your organization, your order will be processed. 

Can I use Title 1 or Title III moneys to purchase?


Yes, you can use Title 1 , Title III, or a combination of both moneys to purchase ESL Supplies.

How much is shipping and handling?

Shipping Methods for ESL Supplies

Shipping is based on United States Postal Service and UPS rates. 

I live outside of the U.S. How can I buy ESL Supplies?

International Orders for ESL Supplies

You can purchse ESL Supplies products through Equip My School.  Their website is . They serve 78 countries aroung the world.

What makes ESL Supplies language charts unique?

Unique Anchor Charts at ESL Supplies

ESL Supplies English Language   charts / posters  are designed for older English Learners.  They assume a limited vocabulary and use essential vocabulary examples.  Words like octopus, zebra or kangaroo are replaced by October, zipper and key.  They also assume and English learner's limited grammar skills.

What ages are ESL Supplies appropriate for?

Age Appropriate ESL Anchor Charts with Photos

Our English language anchor charts & ESL posters  have photographs of diverse people and everyday objects. This makes them appropriate for English learners  grades K-12 and adults.   Warm muted colors and large print allow English learners to use our anchor charts for many minutes without hurting their eyes.

What is your return policy?

ESL Supplies Return Policy

All English language charts  / posters  returned in new condition within 30 days will be fully refunded.  ESL Supplies does not refund original shipping or pay return shipping,

What kind of paper are the language charts printed on?

Photo paper used by ESL Supplies

 The English language anchor charts  & ESL posters  are printed on heavy 10.4ml luster photo paper, commonly used for wedding photos.  You can touch them without leaving fingerprints. They have strength and body, yet are flexible. 

Can I copy ESL Supplies charts for my students?

ESL Supplies Download Anchor Charts

   We provide black and white downloads of most of our charts for a nominal fee. These  can be used for student handouts.  English language charts / posters  are copyrighted by ESL Supplies and cannot be reproduced.  Reproduction is a violation of copyright law.  

Can I substitute an item in a set?

ESL Supplies Sets for Sale

 All English language charts / posters are available for purchase individually.  If a set on sale, please ask and we will accommodate your request if possible. 

Can I write on my anchor charts?


 If you  LAMINATE your English language chart / poster FIRST, then you can write on them. Be sure to tell the laminator you want to write on your charts.