ESL Literacy Notebook
ESL Literacy Notebook
ESL Literacy Notebook
Set of 4 Basic Phonics ESL Posters
Set of 5 Short Vowel ESL Posters
Set of 4 Vowel ESL Posters
Vowel Teams ESL Poster
Set of 3 Syllable ESL Posters

Literacy Notebook

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The Literacy Notebook is perfect for teaching English Language Learners / Newcomers of all ages how to read! It contains 17 anchor charts from Alphabet to Syllable Patterns in a easy to carry binder. All charts have photos of diverse people and everyday objects to help build essential vocabulary. Charts included are:

  • ABCs with Short Vowels & ABCs with Long Vowels (2 Charts)
  • Beginning Blends & Consonant Digraphs (2 Charts)
  • Short A, E, I, O, U (5 Charts)
  • Short, Long, R & Digraph Vowels (4 Charts)
  • 8 Syllables, Dividing Syllables & Syllable Patterns (3 Charts)

Sizes: 8.5x11" and 11x14" (22x28cm & 28x36cm)

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