Adult ESL Notebook
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Adult ESL Notebook

Adult ESL Notebook

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Great for teaching emergent and beginning English learners of all ages! A portable resource for teachers, aides, and tutors. The 26 anchor charts teach foundational Phonics, Reading, Life Skills, Grammar, and Writing skills.  Photos of diverse people and everyday objects to help build essential vocabulary. Meets Common Core State Standards. Options: 8.5x11"(22x28cm), 11x14"(28x36cm), & reproducible black & white download. The Adult ESL Notebook contains:

  • Alphabet, Consonant Digraphs, Beginning Blends & Final Blends (4 Charts)
  • Short A, E, I, O, U (5 Charts)
  • Long, Short, Digraph & R Vowels (4 Charts)
  • 8 Syllables
  • Days of the Week & Months of the Year (2 Charts)
  • Money, Signs & What's the Weather? (3 Charts)
  • Nouns, Personal Pronouns &  Prepositions (3 Charts)
  • Irregular Verbs & Contractions (2 Charts)
  • Questions Adult & Stretch a Sentence Adult (2 Charts)