Irregular Verbs ESL Flash Cards
Irregular Verbs ESL Poster

Irregular Verbs Flash Cards

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English learners/Newcomers can practice their Irregular Verbs with this set of Flash Cards. Present, Past and Perfect sets of 40 cards, 120 total flash cards, size 2.5" x 3.5". Copy each set on a different color to help students learn the correct tenses. Great for a learning center! Divide into groups for learning patterns.
  • Group1: cut, cost, hurt, put, set, run, read, come
  • Group 2: fell, keep, leave, meet, send, sit, sleep
  • Group 3: have, make, pay, say, sell, stand
  • Group 4: do, eat, give, see, fly, know, wear Group
  • 5: drive, get, speak, take, wake, ride, write
  • Group 6: bring, buy, think, sing, go
These flash cards coordinate with the Irregular Verbs Anchor Chart,