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About ESL Supplies LLC

ESL Supplies' Mission


ESL Supplies LLC's mission is to  provide effective English Language Posters & Charts, Notebook, and  downloads which promote both language acquisition and retention. Essential English vocabulary and photos of diverse people and everyday objects make these resources unique and highly effective for English learners with a limited vocabulary.  Calm, muted colors help English learners focus on the content.  Teaching the English language is our passion!

Founder of ESL Supplies - Rebecca Schwartz


 It began with Rebecca Schwartz, a passionate adult ESL instructor,  who designed English language charts for adult English Learners. Soon, other TESOL, Bilingual, and Literacy teachers wanted to use these charts, too and ESL Supplies LLC began. 

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ESL Supplies' Values


R E S P E C T   ESL Supplies LLC  began because we refused to use K-3 posters to teach older English Learners. We respect and recognize the life experience of all ages of English Learners. We acknowledge their intelligence and  cumulative knowledge whether they are 10 or 60 years old. Our products are inclusive of diverse races, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and sensibilities.

G I V I N G   ESL Supplies believes in  giving back to our community. We donate English Language Charts and Posters  to Gardner International School, Lansing Adult Education, and Refugee Development Center.

We hope our products will enhance your teaching and your students' learning.